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Notas de Eduardo Arocena.

Genesis of an indomitable caracter.

For those whom my read this segments of the "Arocena Factor....and it's ramifications' I must let it know that this is a story of a dark side of a vast CONSPIRACY against the freedom, independence, sovereignty and national destinies of peoples and their countries. And, as of the world itself. It is also, part of the story of a freedom fighter(and thousands alike)in the struggle for the liberation of the Motherland(Cuba)from the claws of a murderous and genocide tyranny known to mankind: the Castro-communist brother's whom for more than a half century has been en slavering, terrorizing, imprisonment and anihilating the Cuban peoples. As well as to devastating their motherland too--a tyranny that have had wreak havoc throughout the world--the minute that these 'country-sellers' were first, selected. And later, enthrone to power, to rule the Cuban Republic and it's peoples through a "SYMBIOTIC CHANGE" master minded by the " CONSPIRACY"....also known as "THE NEW WORLD ORDER"--as history shows. Therefore, as an anticommunist that I am and always will be until the day I died: I bent to combat these diabolical-perverse doctrine, as an atheist social-political disease. Equally, their half-brother's the socialism-political ideology. And as a branch of the same tree, their cousins; the ultra-extremist 'flexible and mensurate left wings'....of chameleonic texture. As for the reason why? I have to go back on time--mentally--around fifty one{51}years ago, when I was struggling between two powerful ideological doctrine(intertwined each one in their own genetic-ideological code), antagonistic against the other. That is: the Castro-communism-Marxism-Leninism-socialism. And the: pro-Nationalism-Right wing-Democracy". So, in both sides: my best friends from childhood and youth. Both 'tugging ' me....trying to get me to their own political-ideological side. Their reasons ? Maybe because I was one who dare the most. The one who lead the fight against rivalry neighboring kids. The one who look after them. By the way, on the 'fighting' aspect, that kind of 'bravado'....get us all in trouble lots of time. Specially, if we do the fighting in front of the neighbors--that kind of behavior was not allowed and bring to us harsh consequences to pay for. The neighboring families(that were old friends before none of us were born), bring us together and applied on us theirs ancient rules: 'belted' each of the fighter's. After that we have to embrace each other and !miraculously! we became the best of friends in front of our parents. But in reality....we fight in secrecy until one of us yielded to the other. Only then, we become a true friend and fight side by side against anybody else. That was then when we were kids and later becoming young men. But.....

Everything changed right after the Castro brother's seized the reins of power in Cuba on the dreadful day of January 1st, 1959. The flames of the "revolution"("robolution") engulfed the anger and passion of the Cuban peoples against the deposed pro-American regime, his closer friends and it's allied. There is not a secret what came over our Motherland(la patria),Cuba as well as to the cuban peoples after those ominous bloody first days of the Castro-communism newly triumphant--entrhoned-- "robolution. Nor with the following months and the years afterward: of horrendous bloodshed emanated by the Castro's 'henchman' on every street of the cities and towns. Equally in mountain, plains, beaches, swamps, sea or sky--including the 'firing squads'('paredones'), imprisonment,tortures, 'nationalization'(confiscation) of private and foreign properties as well as bank accounts. Also exiled by force or by own decision for personal preservation, as well as for the safety of the lives of the families and loved ones. The latter's became the 'second waves' of Cuban who leaves the country toward the any country in the world available to them. As we knows--the 'first wave' was led by the 'strong man' of Cuba: the General, and also the President of Cuba; Fulgencio Batista y Zaldivar, his family, closer friends and members of his regime in all level of government. All of them were leaving the country and their belonging s behind;in a hurry.... to the four corners of the world. Specially, to the United States of America--under the status of: "political-Asylum, political exiles, 'refugee's'. 'parolee's among other categories. Those who followed later the 'second wave' in that order-- became part of the "new colonizer" (the reason behind the sinister plan of " THE NEW WORLD ORDER " to utilized national citizens of countries that, decades later, they will be used to assimilate (theirs own con tries)to the United States of America), of inhospitable swamps, moribund towns and decadent cities of the U.S.A. In the case of the Cuban exiles--as history shows--those cities and swamps: became a marvelous places to live, to work, to growing up families. To invest, to retired or to died. Nevertheless--deep down--the Cuban Exile community as a whole, always has been longing for the Motherland, Cuba; to be free. Dreaming to return to their soil and roots from where they born. But only.....when the Castro brother's and their tyranny not longer exist. Only then, specially those emanated from the "CUBAN HISTORICAL POLITICAL EXILE"--will return to the Motherland( la Patria ), alive or dead. Only then. But unfortunately, that haven happened yet. The struggle for the liberation of Cuba and it's peoples by the "MAMBI" ways(warfare with weapon in hands, with lead and righteous shrapnel) has nor been achieved still. The reasons ?

"THE CONSPIRACY" and it's treacherous sepoy's that has been successfully in decapitating the armed combatants--from the beginning of Castro-communism tyranny was in place and in power thorough the "SYMBIOTIC CHANGE" untill the present day--have other plans. The question to this riddle is why? Because a "NEW CONTRACT" has been arranged to pass the power to govern Cuba and it's peoples, to the next "CHOSEN ONE". ( I has been writing about this subject a couple of years back). The new "Clan" will be in power in Cuba in less that two years. At least that's the 'transition' plan of: "THE SAME OF THE SAME".

For those who don't believed (or do not wanted to admit for some reasons, obvious or not. 'Assimilated' or not),the writing of mine expressed in this story I ask to consider the following--as a Cuban of all shores,land, or corner of the world, including the latter--must ask ourself: " WHY and HOW " --in God's name--, has been possible that such a tyranny as the Castro brother's has been in power for so long, enslaving a country and it's peoples at 90' nautical miles of distance from the shores of the United States of America. In front of the whole world during more than a half of century. And the latter kept blind, deaf and mute before such genocide of a pacific country and peoples ? How come the Castro brother's and their tyrannical, oppress and a terrorist regime still alive, in place, and in power up to the present date ? Again, we must have to ask to the whole world--with stern expression--specially at the U.S. Government{that strange 'allied' of the Cuban cause}, why ? After all: " Have had not the U.S. Government intervening--as a 'super power'--throughout the entire world, as history shows. But never has been doing so against the existence Castro-communist-terrorists "BROTHERS" in more than 52 years. Worst yet, has been tying the hands of those who has been exercising their rights to fight for the liberation of their enslaving Motherland and it's peoples. Furthermore, to imprisonment the combatants freedom fighter to lots of years, even to a LIFE sentences to those who exercised those rights by the " THE BAMBI WAYS". The "ONLY WAY" to overthrown the Castro dictatorship and to make possible--once and for all--the freedom of the Cuban peoples. But in reality this kind of 'multiple standards' ( pretend to be an 'allied' of the Cuban cause in the open, while do the contrary on the back and in the shadows; been used by the U.S. Government and their sepoy's inside the Cuban-American community to continue to play what has been THE CONSPIRACY PLAN all alone: to keep the Castro-communist regime in power, alive, and protected as the CONTRACT is in place. Take a look of what happened with the fighting at the beginning of the "robolution" and those who took the fight in mountain, plains, cities and in the exile communities those years. What happened with the BAY OF PIGS combatants . The October missile crisis and the after math with the treacherous " KENNEDY-CKRUSCHEV AGREEMENTS". The famous "embargo" or the "blockade" that has been the excuse on both side of the contend ers(Castro-U.S.A), and of course of the sepoy's too to keep the game alive....for more than half of century. It is obsolete: The Castro regime can buy anything in any part of the world. But he (Castro) won't do it because he needs to keep the Cuban peoples the way he has been doing since the beginning up to date: keep the slaves(the Cuban peoples in shackles and miseries). And the Cuban Historic Political Exile, believing in the pro mess of an 'allied' that never is going to comes true with that dream--untill the last of them(El Exilio Historico),died. The U.S. Government already have the next generation of Cuban-American(and their sepoy,s) in place, to finished what they has been pursuing for so many years: Make Cuba part of the U.S.A. We know that realities like this one when expoused create lots of reactions in pro or against. Also have believers or not. Blinds or not. deaf or not. Personal fillings are hurts, as well as of the trust of peoples in government, causes, ideologies, religions,politics and 'interests' of many levels.

Nevertheless, we the Cubans-- in exile or enslaved in the Motherland--are concerns on this type on 'multiple stan darts' that affects us. But the reality still existing--liked or not--and their is not an answer to put an end to the nightmare. Nor to the dream of a Cuban freedom, independence, and national sovereignty of our Motherland, CUBA. On this subject we must have to ask again--ourselves--and to the U.S.Government including the whole world accomplice of these too: "Have not the U.S.Government been intervening against dictators, tyrants and terrorist states that are, or has been in the list of sponsoring, training, financing, harboring and protecting terrorists? To pursued, and bring to justice those who protect assassins, murderers of law enforcement agencies, over the world. Including those from the United States of America such as: thrives, embezzelers, hijackers and anybody who is an enemy or a threat to U.S.A. and it's citizens--hidden in foreign countries....but never intervine whatsoever in Cuba....knowingly all that above example's living in the latter ? Ain't that estrange ? Not att all. I relate....

The answer to these puzzle is very easy: " Because of the greater 'PROTECTOR' of those exceptions. Also the best GODFATHER ("PADRINO")ON EARTH), that is: "THE NEW WORLD ORDER". That's why the Castro-communist tyranny still alive and in power to the present day". But as everybody knows well: Nothing is eternal on life. Only the Creator of the universe and His Divine Justice. THE ONE who rule over the fate of mankind. So, do the same over the Castro brother's and also of his old relic cupola of grand culprits too. This time in a form a a twisted 'deja vu to the Castro brother's who get in power in similar way: Their "CONTRACT" ( "SYMBIOTIC CHANGE")...expired three(3)years ago. As well as the two (2)years extension prior the latter.

Therefore, the Castro brother's and his cupola of great culprits has to vacate their powers and leave the country(Cuba), the same way Batista and his followers did in January 1st, 1959. Which mean--some time at the end of " 2010-2011". So far they(the Castro's tyranny) still defiant, disobedient, and refusing to do what they suppose to. The deadline not only has past the limitation time but, has created a "crack" in the "ORDER", something that this one can not allowed whatsoever....because is a threat to their existence. So, an "ULTIMATUM" are or will be on the table: "any refusal to comply with the "CONTRACT" will be followed by a "Coup- deta". Or with a TRULY ASSASSINATION, not like the 'phony one's' orchestra ted by the " CIA " to make Castro looks 'INVINCIBLE' to the half dead brain of it's followers throughout the world that believe that their hero is that tough. To prove the point--it is actually a recent 'video game' portraying Castro--like that. So the 'transition' is in place and star moving in that direction. We only have to follows a pair of 'pieces' that left already their high position in the U.S. Congress and Senate. One went to be part on international political insiders levels, in Europe, U.S.A. and other countries in cahoots with the GAME and the PLAN. The other, went to the MONEY to finance the re-tacking of the Cuba future economy from top to bottom. And of course, those are powerful foreign interests....that will have full control of everything, the "lion share". Therefore: as the story goes....

Seven years after my arrival to the United States of America, and in full gear into the struggle for the liberation of Cuba: by the "MAMBI WAYS and EXAMPLE" I was trying to help(like I discovered lots of Cuban-American were doing: some by patriotism and ideological believe. Others for antagonism of the same. Some looking for personal gains: as shows in "confidential", "Top Secret". "Classified", "National Security" and "Presidential Directives" documents on my legal-political case and situation; on files somewhere)to help some U.S. Investigative Agencies to get rid of the enemies of the U.S.A. in the particular area concerning the 'Cold War' era such as: 'Traitors', 'country sold', 'spies', 'dob le-agents', 'mole', 'sleepers', 'Communists', 'national and international terrorist' of those years where the U.S. were suffering deadly attacks all over the world, including in U.S. territories from those enemies. As History shows at that time, later and in the present date, there were and still does; a long list of examples and suspects. At that particular time of my described arrival to the U.S.A. in 1966. Some of those behavior were observed(on the surface or in the 'under grown'), against the Cuban anti-Castro exile community. Some of those behavior were reflected on some F.B.I. Agents and others of Investigative and intelligence nature as well, on the C.I.A. operative. There were more of those kind in the upper and lower scale of the U.S. Government that could make the list incredible longer--based on the large number of known cases register in the history of this country. And sure, on years to come, in the near future as 'things' go wrong, and worst in the United States of America. Based on those years of the "Cold War Era", of the 60s, 70s, 80s, where information were shared with me by intelligence agencies operative, and 'sources' from foreign countries(some of the latter mentioned here), shows up in conversations on my phone 'secret ely' taped by the F.B.I.Via-Court Order("FISA"), from a rented room of a hotel in Coral Gables, Florida from 9/21/1981--to--10/25/82. On this 'technical surveillance' by the 'feds' I have to point out that I was forth warning in advance by an 'old friend' in the U.S. Government (code name "Mr. Brown"--"Mr. Grey"). Therefore: I"bug" my own phones. And tapes all the conversation in it. The U.S. Government presented on my trials around fourth hundreds(400) tapes from my phones. " Also the 'tampered-doctored' one's between tha F.B.I Agent and myself during the so-call 'fugitive status' that they 'pinned' on me--from one side of the government--and the contrary on the other face of the same co ing". The latter, it will be subject of 'clarification' : where the meaning of 'cover-up', 'tampering', 'perjury' and 'conspiracy' among other criminal, legal, constitutional, civil and human rights violations took place on my legal-political." If the 'technical surveillance' gave them(the government), some points of advantage to the F.B.I Agents on Miami, Fla that were monitoring the 'wire-tapping' on my phone. The 'physical surveillance' proved to be a disaster for the "G-mans"....they didn't have a chance against me in that terrain--as they have to recognize on my trial in Miami, Fla. When the Judge ask them about that matter--they simple said: Because he read and new all the tactics and techniques we used. Also he has all the surveillance and counter-surveillance electronic equipments". So, they show the Judge the Catalog that I used to obtain, and try to sell those electronic equipments to friendly government in Central and South America, legally. But to finish this segment, we must have to add that: " this is only the 'tip' of the reality of the whole "CONSPIRACY"--not only against myself in this case but also, against the Cuban armed combatants inside and outside of Cuba whom fought and still doing so: trying to overthrown the Castro's tyranny to free Cuba and it's peoples. But also: against the anticommunist freedom fighters of DEMOCRACY, and the FREE WORLD."

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